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Mr. Zhou Qiang's Speech at the Trade Forum of "Overseas Taiwan Merchants Business Travel to Hunan 2009", June 7
Distinguished leaders, guests and dear friends
On behalf of the Hunan Provincial People's Government and 68 million Hunan people, I would like to extend our sincere and warm welcome to all the overseas Twain businessmen who have come from afar, and to express our heartfelt thanks to the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, and people from various circles of society.
The success of the Overseas Taiwan Merchants Business Travel to Hunan 2009 will build up new bridge for propelling the cooperation and communication between Taiwan and Hunan. As an important province in Central China, Hunan is experiencing sound and fast growth, and will bring in infinite business opportunities for the general Taiwan businessmen. For recent years, the new-type industrialization, urbanization and the construction of new-type socialist countryside have been carried forward vigorously, with emphases on infrastructure construction, basic industries and work. At present, the socioeconomic development of Hunan is amid one of the best periods.
The vigor and vitality Hunan shows will convince you that it is a good place to seek business opportunities. Endowed with many historical opportunities such as the construction of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, Hunan is now in a position to offer grand platform to propel the cooperation between Hunan and Taiwan.
The sound relation between Taiwan and Hunan in economy and trade will lay solid foundation for the further strengthening of the cooperation between Hunan and the overseas Twain businessmen. The economic ties, personnel and cultural exchanges between the two parties are getting more and more active.
Considering the main trend of peace and development, we aim to realize Hunan-Taiwan cooperation in wider range and higher level. Nowadays, peace and development are the theme of cross-strait relation. Hunan will take this grand opportunity, holding to the long-standing opening up policy featured by mutual benefits to deepen and expand the cooperation and exchange with the Taiwan businessmen. We encourage Taiwan merchants to invest in Hunan's high-tech industries, advanced manufacturing industries, modern logistics, tourism and trade, intermediary services, and infrastructure, modern agriculture, etc. We can explore various means to conduct an all-round cooperation with the Taiwan businessmen, putting into full display and strengthening the competitive industries. We will strive to build Hunan into an ideal base for industrial transfer for the Twain businessmen, and an ideal place for business establishment and investment.
Distinguished guests, dear friends, the open and vigorous Hunan is permeated with charm, potential and vitality. We warmly welcome you to visit Hunan, to know more about Hunan and to invest in Hunan to realize win-win cooperation.
Finally, I wish the Overseas Taiwan Merchants Business Travel to Hunan 2009 a great success!
Thank you all!
Mr. Ye Kedong's Speech at the Trade Forum of "Overseas Taiwan Merchants Business Travel to Hunan 2009", June 7
Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
Ye Kedong, June 7
Today, the Overseas Taiwan Merchants Business Travel to Hunan 2009 grandly opens, indicating that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council will continue to propel this activity for exchanges and mutual benefits, and I am sure it will get better and better with the sound development of the two Straits.
As we all know, since last May, under the concerted efforts of the compatriots on both sides of the Strait, historic turning has come, bringing about a series of important fruits and breakthroughs. On the basis of the "1992 Consensus", consultation and negotiation have resumed, with 9 agreements and 1 consensus successively arrived at. The "three direct links of trade, mail, and air and shipping services across the Taiwan Straits" have achieved historic results, bringing in a brand-new situation in economic exchange and cooperation. Nowadays, the relations across the Straits are in peaceful development and have gained welcome and general support from the international community. Five important consensuses have been achieved during the meeting between General Secretary Hu Jintao and Chairman of Kuomintang Party Wu Boxiong. All these will contribute to our confidence of further stepping up the development of the cross-straits relation.
The economic exchange and cooperation between both sides of the Straits is closely related to the immediate interests and well-being of people across the Straits, therefore, the work concerning Taiwan affairs at present and in the future will be our top priority. Looking into the future, on the basis of normalization of the cross-straits economic ties, we wish to realize the institutionalization of the economic ties to seek common development and prosperity, including signing up framework agreement on economic cooperation in line with the economic development of the two sides with distinctive characteristics.
In face of the global financial crisis, the current world economic situation is still serious, and some new challenges and difficulties surface in the economic cooperation of both sides. However, with the joint efforts and determined mind of the cross-straits compatriots, we will definitely overcome any difficulties and propel the economic cooperation of both sides of the Straits to a higher level. The involvement of the general Taiwan businessmen in the economic cooperation will be very constructive, for the following reasons:
First, Taiwan compatriots enjoy favorable conditions and advantages to invest or start business in the mainland. The consanguinity, the same language and culture shared, mutual understanding, concern, etc. bring us closer to each other in combating this economic crisis. The mainland would like to do the utmost to assist Taiwan to tide over the global crisis and create better conditions and more opportunities for Taiwan businessmen.
Second, strong complementarity of both sides will contribute to the common development and mutual benefits.
Third, the cross-strait relation is improving and growing, providing peaceful environment and strong support to the economic exchanges and cooperation of both sides.
Forth, the continued development of the mainland economy provides a great impetus to the economic exchanges and cooperation of the two sides.
For a quite long time, Taiwan businessmen have enhanced their capabilities of adapting to the environment, contributed to the construction of mainland China. We sincerely welcome overseas Taiwan businessmen to invest or start business in the mainland, to exchange and know more about the mainland, engaging themselves in the cross-strait economic communication and cooperation.
Hunan is located in the intersection of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Pan Pearl River Delta, playing a significant role in the rise of Central China with its great potential and bright prospects. Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and Hunan government attach great importance to the Taiwan affairs, and have achieved noticeable results. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of Hunan people and the support from relevant departments, the economic exchange and cooperation will definitely step into a new phase, and Hunan will open up more to the outside world. We hope that overseas Taiwan friends will pay more visits to Hunan to seek new opportunities of development. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council welcomes and supports Taiwan businessmen to invest and start business in Hunan, and is ready to continue with our efforts for it.
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