Wuguang Central Business District 
Project Description  The land can be developed in whole or in blocks.The project shall be built into an urban commercial multipurpose project integrating supermarkets, professional markets, star-grade hotels, high-grade writing buildings, high-quality products commercial mall
Investment Means  Land transfer
Total Investment Volume  RMB 6.0 billion
Project Unit Introduction Name:Chasha Yuhua District Commerce Bureau (Bureau for Investment Invitation)
Contact person:Zhou Hong Li Huide Gong Haiyan Zhao Chunfang
Issuing Unit  Chasha Yuhua District Commerce Bureau (Bureau for Investment Invitation)
Add  3F,TowerB of Bldg.1,Government Compound of Changsha Yuhua District
Location  The west of the square of Wuhan-Guangzhou Express Railway Changsha Station
Zip  410004
Tel  0731-5880388 13786191218 13907318451
Contact person  Zhou Hong, Wang Yanfang
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