Environment and Enterpreneurial base in Wushang 
Project Description  Wushang’s enrichment and entrepreneurial base is based on Changsha Municipal Committee and Government efforts to enrich the people, start to relax restrictions on doing business condition, developing the base in the original industrial district of Changsh
Investment Means  Sole proprietorship and cooperation
Total Investment Volume  RMB 100 million--RMB 2 billion
Project Unit Introduction Title:Merchants Cooperation Bureau of Wangcheng County
Contact person:
Issuing Unit  Merchants Cooperation Bureau of Wangcheng County
Add  No.20, Wenyuan Road(west), Gaotangling Town
Tel  0731-8470018 13873129211
Contact person  Huang Ding
Fax  0731-8068488
Web site  http://www.wczhaoshang.cn
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